WINTER RACING - Round 3 - Lake Karapiro - Saturday 31st July

Discussion in 'Rides On' started by jet ski bum, July 30, 2010.

  1. jet ski bum

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    Racing tomorrow at Lake Karapiro - sign on at 7.30am with racing start at 10am. 10 confirmed pole ski entries so far so its going to be a good turn out. Pole ski teams are welcome too.

    Camp site at Lake Karapiro or in Cambridge.... $40 for cabin. Prizegiving/drinks at Cambridge Prince Albert Pub from 7pm.

    Spectators welcome too.
  2. SOX

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    We need more warning so we can organise teams.

    I might be keen to lean my carb and pipe jets out and whack the old works dominator on there some day lol just to give Tayne a run for his money. He will probably waste me like him and his old man did at orewa last weekend :?

    At least knoxie and rumble would be there to make up the time and if they couldn't win then brents missus sure would! haha

    <end of transmission>
  3. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    yep some warning would have been good

    sox i have to cheat to stay with him
    hope to have his new motor in tomorrow
  4. jet ski bum

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    Wellington 21st August (date change)
    Auckland 18th September

    Everyone is fizzing at the sudden amount of pole ski numbers and talking about how summer is going to be big. Lots of newbies giving it a go.

    Will post more details on Wellington round when they are finalised. :)
  5. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    when does short course series start again ?
  6. jet ski bum

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    Summer dates are not released yet but it is usually about November. Is your crew going to do the summer series?

    Some good shots on this guys website from the weekend;
  7. Whale

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    Id bee keen to give it a go. Better start practicing, i mean riding....