Winter Enduro round 1

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Should Paula have let her ski sponsor beat her??

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  1. Yes she should as lapping him was not team orders :-(

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  2. No, she was right to blow his doors off :-)

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  3. No, and she should have kicked him off as she lapped him to show why she is the racer :-)

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  1. jet ski bum

    jet ski bum Member

    Pole ski's were thin on the ground at round one in sunny (spelt..freezing) Kinloch on Saturday morning but we mannaged to get enough on the start line to make a race.....or was that a masacre.
    Paula Powers SMOKED the competition on the Ski M.D. SXR 1100 lapping the rest of the feild in the 25 minute plus one lap race.
    Plenty of bouys and a shorter course for the pole skis made it less like a long ride to no where and with reasonably flat water it was good to just get out there and carve it up.
    Thanks to Cathie ( Mrs Ski M.D) for letting me thrash her stocker with me and Ben Wright being neck and neck for most of the race until we both baled off on different turns and he struggled to restart giving me second place.

    Just a few more ski's for the next round at Rotoma would make it all a better deal, I am going to try and get some sponsor $$$$ to get a carrot to dangle in front of you lazzoes that stayed in bed instead of coming out to play.

    Maybe sox got some pics to put up ??
  2. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    its a long drive and a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ for 25 mins of riding
  3. jet ski bum

    jet ski bum Member


    Race ski, entry fee and gas supplied by her sponsor and Paula has another trophy for her collection.
    If you want to be a racer you have to do a little driving and keep your sponsors name out front at every opportunity as when I see my ski's at the front of the pack on race day, it makes me want to keep digging in to my shallow pocket to keep our ski's on the race course.
    Awesome effort Paula, thanks for braving the cold and helping bring Ski M.D. a one two for the weekend.
  4. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    wasnt having a dig
    we ride most weekends so hardly lazy
    tayne did just about every round and some south island included and his sponsor paid for it all
    oh and we ride surf
    we may see you at rotoma keep you honest but hardly a field with 3 riders unless there where more ???????
  5. jet ski bum

    jet ski bum Member

    See you at Rotoma, GAME ON!!!!! Sure I am honest :)
  6. SOX

    SOX Active Member

    I dont like to walk down the road and grab a dog by the ears.

    Saturday was heaps fun thanks to Ski Md.

    Paula does not want to be the centre of a battle for who has the biggest wiener and I only support positive encouragement.

    We dont ride surf as often as we would like to.

  7. sxrben

    sxrben New Member

    good on ya for getting both of your skis out to make up the filed kev, thought we had my ski sweet enough so entered it to make it worth while for you guys seeing as how you drove the whole way for it.

    got farkin cold, ski went hard the whole way...(my body and cold hands in particular not so much)

    then took it out for a blat sunday morning and oops overheated again

    so looks like i may have just ridden the final 25minutes out of it before the problem got a bit worse than it was before...oh well shit happens.

    oh yeah paula smoked us big time. mind you having that 1100 coming past me was music to my ears so i really didnt care haha
  8. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    Hmmm so many thoughts on this :roll:
  9. Face

    Face Member

    yo anyone going to round 2 at Taupo it is 3 shorter races instead of 1
    6th August
    Are you and sox going paula ?
  10. SOX

    SOX Active Member

    This time I will answer on Paulas behalf. (Pants ironed now thanks tofa)
    We are waiting on conformation from Ski Md as to weather we will be attending. I believe they are waiting on the final details from the organisers concerning the poleski side of the event before a decision will be made.

    Start a fresh thread geez Tayne
  11. jet ski bum

    jet ski bum Member

    Final word from the organisers is that the enduros are off and short course is on with three short races on the day.
    So there will be 5 mins extra race time over the last round and loads of time to freeze in between races.
    I was disqualified from the last round the week after the event due to a licence mix up which you get in these bigger sports so am officially packing a shitty and staying warm instead of making up the numbers as in the last round. Sorry to my sponsor for bringing them in to dissrepute.

    I have Paulas trophy at the shop and it is awesome.....go the organising club for that effort but no prizes trickled down to the pole ski riders which given the poor runabout numbers (11) I thought the three poles made a decent percentage.

    See you racers at the summer series......
  12. Dazza

    Dazza Member

    What kind of license will I need?
  13. jet ski bum

    jet ski bum Member

    They will sell you a day licence on the day on top of the $35.00 entry. Easy stuff.
  14. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    yo dazza
    yep 35 entry fee then 25 for day license, but if you buy full licence (later on in year ) it will cover all events.
    should be good regardless of who turns up
  15. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    If any one is interested in racing I have confirmation of what course will be Its not a short course race or enduro its something in between
    There wont be much time between races to get cold as it is being run on a tight small time frame
    Knoxie we need to start a racers thread think sox has suggested it to you
  16. dickwebb

    dickwebb Active Member

    Yep defo a $25.00 Day License fee. If you want you could get an NZJSBA full race license for $60 (special winter rate) which will cover the rest of the season till 31st October when you'll have to renew it. However, I don't think you'll get value for money for that at this time of the season. Only minor thing is if you want to be counted towards the tour points then you need to have a full license.

    This is what I have heard. More like a supercourse - a wide open race track covering a much larger area. Precedence is still on endurance and the additional corners etc should give everyone more of a workout (esp in a 15-20 min time interval). If they set a track that is the same size as a summer series short course then they have missed the point completely.

    Competitors need to be challenged but at the same time enjoy the event. I think a super course type setup could/should be a welcomed breath of fresh air for the struggling winter endurance series. I'm even going to have a crack at this new format just to see what its like. Never been an enduro fan but could be fun.

    Kevin - Fraser called me about this and from that discussion Steve B was informed that in fact you had paid for a license and any errors in the application where to be sorted out. It was also my understanding that your points should be counted towards the tour. If this is not the case then please let me know and I will talk to Fraser and Steve.

    Sad to hear you're packing a "shitty" though - especially after you're comments in the original post

    Maybe it would be "good to get out there and carve it up".... again.
  17. dickwebb

    dickwebb Active Member

    Great idea.
  18. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    Start your own website
  19. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

  20. SOX

    SOX Active Member

    Oh and knoxie we need a like button similar to facebook.
    Dont be a hater norm get amoungst it or better still organise a freeride event cause at the moment the way i see it im either wasting my gas riding surf with 2other people and hurting my neck some more or i can cruz around all these sweet organised race events and stuff my face with food from the tuck shop truck and stay nice and warm.
    Now wheres my slippers..