who is up for surf on sunday?

Discussion in 'Rides On' started by SOX, January 8, 2008.

  1. Barry

    Barry New Member

    It was all good getting out of bed at 6 o f@#*n clock to make the trip. A good day was had by all of Tauranga crew. See yaz next time!
  2. knoxie

    knoxie Active Member

    excellent day!! great turn out!! crazy with that many skis!!!

    couple of pics below , will try get a vid up ...but alot of the footage is not usable as the camera condensated and every thing is hazy ....will have to jam more silica packs into the camera waterbox next time!!


  3. SOX

    SOX Active Member

    Good Times. sore today!
  4. swampy

    swampy Member

    couldnt say it any better white sox lol........great day and sore but well worth it!
  5. Still waiting for the video... Is anyone riding this weekend? (19th,20thJan)
    Looks like HUGE surf on the west coast today.
  6. knoxie

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  7. MCSimon

    MCSimon New Member

    that looks rad i wish we had surf in nelson :(
  8. kaos

    kaos New Member

    sweat vid looks like fun was had by all :D
  9. fx1xtc

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    are u not in taupo with magpie lucas. i think it sounds like daves keen to get animal