Where's a good place to ride in Akl?

Discussion in 'Rides On' started by josh, January 9, 2009.

  1. josh

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    Hey guys,
    Just signed up to the forum today.

    Bought a superjet a few years ago, and unfortunately its sat in the garage most/pretty much all of that time. :x :oops:

    Have a bit more time up my sleeves now, and keen to take it out after work on the days i dont have training.

    I live in the City, Where's a place I can go that I don't have to drive ages to get to?
    went out from Westhaven last night and played in the ferry's wake for a few hours...

    Am I allowed to do that? no idea what any of the rules are with regard to ferry channels etc.

    Hope to ride heaps this summer while there's light in the evenings. When you guys going out next?

    PS. although i've had it a few years, i'm still a complete novice :roll: anyone interested in showing me how to ski?![/i]
  2. knoxie

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    we normally ride in the surf ....port waikato is normally the closest with reliable surf.....

    but when we have to ride local we normally go out from Halfmoon Bay/ Bucklands Beach... there is alot of boat traffic making wake to jump etc.

    Sometimes ride in habour ...but there is now a 13knot restriction on the city side of the habour bridge so the habour master might chase you around...

    if you keen for surf riding, just come along when its a nice clean day...you wont have any trouble riding if its clean surf cause you can just ride aound the breaks etc if you need to...
  3. josh

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    sweet, cheers for that. will try make it out and come meet up with you guys next time.

    heard i missed a pretty good weekend at port waikato :x