Video: A random trip we did lat year up to Riverhead pub

Discussion in 'Pics & Videos' started by steve K-B, September 10, 2013.

  1. steve K-B

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  2. Sickboi

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    love the editing, the group hugs and the music. you would of spent a few hours cutting this one together. My eyes appreciated it. what happened when you got those two ladies back to the shore?
  3. steve K-B

    steve K-B Member

    Nothing Mark,

    Story of my life haha. I need to hang out with you more often!
  4. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    I don't know what to say
  5. Flan

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  6. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    You miss Raglan and Tauranga to do this??????????????............And you didnt even score!!!...Fag lol
  7. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    Haha good call
  8. steve K-B

    steve K-B Member

    this was filmed long before FOF......... Fag
  9. Magnum P.I.

    Magnum P.I. Active Member

    Wot evs dude, you still missed raglan and Tauranga rides, I just cant imagine the abuse if you miss the next one. maybe you should organise it....
  10. blueii

    blueii Member

    Good vid Steve I liked it. You have creative video editing talents also.
  11. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    Good vid steve that must have taken a while
    Nice to see some video of just having fun on a social ride