Upgrade - Part II

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    We've completed the upgrade. We hope you all like the new look, and more importantly the new features. You should be able to upload pics, embed youtube and vimeo links, and interact more with each others posts. There are a few little things to change here and there but most of the work is done. Please make sure you log in and check you user profiles etc. Also, if there is something that isn't working then post here and we'll take a look at it.

    *** EDIT ***
    A couple of people are unable to log in due to their passwords being incorrect. If you encounter this issue please either try the "forgotten your password" link (on the login section), contact Knoxie directly if you have his details, or email info@dalusionfwx.co.nz and we'll get it sorted.

    In the short term, if there are questions on how to do specific things, please post them up here as well and we'll create a bit of a howto thread on them.

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