Tofa's Raglan Madness Weekend at the Mount

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    Some pics from the weekend that was Tofa's Raglan Madness relocated to the Mount. Good times at Matakana Island. Great to see everyone. If I missed a shot of you then apologies, wasn't intentional. Some aren't the greatest - probably too cold and shivering whilst trying to focus.

    DSC06816.jpg DSC06829.jpg DSC06834.jpg DSC06844.jpg DSC06852.jpg DSC06868.jpg DSC06875.jpg DSC06882.jpg
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    DSC06991.jpg DSC07009.jpg

    Flans new Tinder profile pic. Just don't let Tofa crash your date again Flan haha


    Sherman's own "Blue Steel" look

    DSC07030.jpg DSC07034.jpg DSC07082.jpg DSC07087.jpg DSC07099.jpg
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    Thanks for everyone that made the trip here...And thanks to everyone that let me sink and ride there skis...
  8. Flan

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    Looks like Sick boy sore a big snappa.
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    Yep was a good day (and night) good to see a couple a keen newbies.
  10. COOL JETSKIS.png

    It was a COOL weekend to say the least

    Awesome weekend had by all well worth the trip, cheers to everyone for making the effort to make it happen and get there, bring on the next one
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    Had an awesome time. Good to see some of you guys going HUGE! Bit of inspiration to push for that backie in the near future..
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    Great weekend, Awesome turnout. Thanks Tofa and Magnum for putting the weekend together.

    If there was that much snow on the trailer how cold was lake Taupo?
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    Wow so much flippin goin on. nice vid sherm. thanks for postin.