Tofa's Annual Island Ride - Limited Edition Dalusion T-Shirt

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  1. dickwebb

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    Get your orders in now. Limited Edition.
    Tofa approved piece of history.

    Order cut off is Sunday 31st July 2016

    Ok, so rather than post in the depths of the island ride thread, I thought best to start a new one in case someone misses that one etc. Here is the final look of the T-shirt. They will be Royal Blue in base colour. I will post separately below the orders I have and also sizes so if you're names not on the list and you want one then please post up. Don't be shy!!

    The price (thanks to Dazza or I should probably say more his missus Janna who has offered to get them printed through her contacts), will be approx. $25ea. So it ain't gonna break the bank. Here is the shirt:

    Tofas Island Ride T-SHirt V2 FINAL-01.png
    If you want to see the rear artwork in more detail go here and scroll down.
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  2. dickwebb

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    I have the following orders:

    Dan W - XL
    Mark J - L
    Casey - L
    Karl D - L
    Todd D - XL
    Flan - L
    Tofa - L x2
    Knoxie - M
    Kimberly - S
    Adrian - L
    Brendan C - L
    Sherm - S
    Dazza - S x2
    Paully P - L
    Dax - XL
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  3. Magnum P.I.

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    Thanx Dick but I need XL
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  4. dickwebb

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    Sweet as. Updated.
  5. cash

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    Just 1 large cheers richard
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  6. dax

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    1 x XL for me Dick. Cheers
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