The "Watthole"

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    In conjunction with the world renowned Brent Knox (@knoxie) of KP Parts we've brought to market something that will be very much of interest to many of you freeriders. Some may say "Why hasn't someone done this already?". Introducing the "Watthole"...


    It protects your 3-pos Bilge switch or your bulb primer from flailing feet and knees during stunting. Many of us, including myself, have mounted an expensive bilge switch just to go and knock the head off it two rides later. No longer need you worry. They come with a plastic nut so theres no dissimilar metal corrosion that makes it irremovable over time and will also mean installation is a breeze.

    They're retailing for NZ $29.95 ea but "call now" and you can get 2x for $49.95 with our limited time introductory offer.

    Available through Mr Knox ( or myself ( We also have stock of primer bulbs and 3-pos bilge switches as well. Ready to ship. Yeow!!

    Obligatory install pic:
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    Awesome works right there!