Tauranga 30/9/12

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  1. SI

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    Video from our weekend in Tauranga with Mark and Paula, Craig and Claire.

    Tried out our 2 GoPros now they are mounted properly but still got some fogging issues to deal with and to learn not to get slammed by the biggest set of the day!

    Thanks for the editing Mark.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfwGK4rX ... e=youtu.be
  2. dax

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    You can get anti fog inserts for the go-pros, around $25 for a pack. Seems pricey for what they are but they last for ages. Sickboi gave me a anti fog insert about a year ago and it still works fine, I keep my gopro and the insert in a sealed container full of rice when I'm not using it and it seems to keep the fog out.
  3. Flan

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    Nice footage. Some hairy moments in the surf there. I know the Dick Webb holds his gopro holder infront of the air con in the car at the lowest temp and then quicklyseels in the camera. Sounds like a good idea.
  4. Sickboi

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    What a great idea a couples jetski weekend away! How romantic! Any drunk swaping go down in tent city?? One day if i ever get a girlfriend maybe i could ,nar you probably wouldnt invite me, its my personality aye? The water look nice and clear, sic no hander rolls sox

    To stop the fogging leave gopro and the case open in a hot water cupboard for a couple days and close it up befor you take it out.
  5. Dazza

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    Sweet vid guys ... I reckon you should call it smashed em bro!
  6. Tim

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    Lot of washing machine action going on there!
  7. steve K-B

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    Sweet video guys
  8. azza29

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    looking good there! And mint weather....not bad for spring :) Roll on summer
  9. bex

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    That's for sure!! Definately some power in those waves!

    Was a great weekend though! Thanks Paula and Sox for having us!
  10. knoxie

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    mint weather!, some nice close ups of those rolls etc!!
  11. tofa

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    Dont worry sicboi even the locals didnt get invited
  12. Magnum P.I.

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    Yeh my invite musta got lost in the post too....
  13. Sickboi

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