Seadoo XPL

Discussion in 'User's Rides and Builds' started by Rick XP, June 27, 2007.

  1. SOX

    SOX Active Member

    hey rick buy my blaster! Fu*k!
  2. Rick XP

    Rick XP Member

    HAHAHA. That blaster does look mint as. Might have a talk to the missus see if she wants to get into the sport.
  3. Rick XP

    Rick XP Member


    Decided to keep the ski so this week we are putting a set of twin pipes ignition, maybe lighten the flywheel.

    Should outrun an RXP like its going backwards and jump like a superjet on steroids. :twisted:
  4. FreeStylin_SJ

    FreeStylin_SJ Member

    You are going to kill urself on your xpl ;) atleast it should provide some entertainment nxt time we go ridding :) How many HP do u think the ski has and what is the dry weight of the xpl
  5. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    the local seapoo shop must love you rick with all that cash you are chucking at your ski :lol: are you going to do any racing or is it all for the surf?
  6. Rick XP

    Rick XP Member

    HHAHA they sure do.

    Just ordered today the twin pipes, ADA head with removable domes, Rotax Racing Reeds, Scat Trak Magnum 14 vein setback pump.

    Still got to sort out ignition and rev limiter.

    Should rip your arms when taking off, :lol:

    Got some more running in to do this weekend so im keen to hit port waikato or magawhai this weekend.

    Motor should be around about 200 hp mark after these mods are complete.
  7. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    we should try and sort a port waikato ride out this weekend if winds are right.
  8. Rick XP

    Rick XP Member

    Yeah im keen as. Give me a text on 021623979.
  9. Rick XP

    Rick XP Member

    Just an update for those of you interested.

    Seadoo XPL 951cc

    Fully Rebuilt engine
    Ported cylinders
    Hot Tach 3 EGT Gauge
    Re-programmed MPEM with rev limit set to 8000 RPM
    Factory twin pipes
    Skat-trak 14 vein set-back pump
    R&D Filter
    R&D Head with 47cc domes
    R&D intake manifold
    Modified carbs
    Rotax Racing Reeds
    Worx Intake Grate
    Worx Sponsons
    UMI steering
    Jettrim seat

    Just got to tune it tomorrow and then hit the surf. Should have a mean holeshot and hopefully hit around 70 MPH. Cant wait to take it to the surf.
  10. CHENZO

    CHENZO Member

    Thats a whole heap of mods man!!
    Its cool that you took the time and expense to do up an XPL but do you ever think maybe a different ski would have been a better option financially?
    I dont mean that in a bad way, but my GPR does 70 mph and its only got a $3000 Riva kit on it?
  11. Rick XP

    Rick XP Member

    Yeah i could of brought an RXP and it would go this fast out of the box but then i would be like every other homo on the water. I had to go for something different and plus this is the lightest homo chariot i could find that has speed and good for surf. Believe me your not the only person to say its a finacially a dumb option.
  12. CHENZO

    CHENZO Member

    Hey dont get me wrong im not saying its financially dumb, at the end of the day individualism and customisation is what its all about. Having a ski like no other is awesome I was just wondering what made you go for the XPL.
    There are other machines that would have alot more horsepower for the money you spent and also would be one off's
  13. Rick XP

    Rick XP Member

    It has awesome handling and is so light when jumping waves etc. Its just a good all round ski. This will leave a GPR for acceleration now by a few boat lengths. One of the best skis ever made IMO.