ride in memory of our dear friend stacey hopper

Discussion in 'Rides On' started by T Bags, March 13, 2010.

  1. richardn

    richardn Member

    keen as!

    few of us from the shore will come up for the day!
  2. glukasil

    glukasil Member

    sunday would be preferable ...........
  3. Rumble

    Rumble Member

    Could make Sunday,
  4. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    If its sunday i will do my best to make it...Tim if your coming up give me a ring and we could go up together.
  5. swampy

    swampy Member

    wots hapn after ride??is it off 2 tbears 4 bbq drinks ect??
  6. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    if nice day was going to have bbq and beers at beach if not so good we can have it at our place
  7. swampy

    swampy Member

    sounds good you need anything eles apart from some food and beer??
  8. Tim

    Tim Member

    Sweet will do whats your number?? Your gissy street kid family stole all my shit including my ph!
  9. T Bags

    T Bags Member

    Sounds like saturday is the day round lunch hope to see everyone there!!!
  10. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    A couple of us from down here were keen for sunday but are unable to make saturday sorry.
    Tayne youve done a great thing here sorting this so be proud and i hope everyone has a great days riding for a great guy that will be missed by all!

    You ride with us all Stacey...RIP
  11. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member


    been talking to travis if sunday works better for everyone lets do it then we easy Maybe no surf but thats not whatwill ring aroundtonite tosort out can you guys chuck up some phone numbers and lrt the stalking begin
  12. Dazza

    Dazza Member

    Home: 4485535, work 4770570 - rings on my mobile at the same time
  13. swampy

    swampy Member

    home 2985730 or txt 0210701565.im good 4 sunday.
  14. dan

    dan Member

    I'm good for either day just need to hopefully know by Friday if at all possible... home 096220807 cell 021667102
  15. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    RIDE plate

  16. T Bags

    T Bags Member

    hey guys sunday the day hope to see everyone there
  17. Nice one guys - see you there - same spot Tayne across from Mc Dees?
  18. T Bags

    T Bags Member

    yes in the ski lane across from mcdonalds
  19. T Bags

    T Bags Member

    hey guys thanks to all of you who came to the ride it was great to meet some of you we will have to organise another ride at mangawhi sometime soon
  20. jpsxr21

    jpsxr21 New Member

    Shot to tayne and the lemon family for organising the ride . awsome turn out.thankjs tofa for making the trip up mad commitment. rip stace