plenty of blaster action

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    cool vid Craig ... are you gonna try a roll in the blaster????
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    now the square is out of action i dont have a choice gotta try something dumb
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    awesome! Those blasters are wicked. I still really want one one day
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    Dog have the trots because of the refrigerator

    Dog have the trots because of the refrigerator
    Commonly used in refrigeration temperature of the refrigerator to preserve food is 4 to 8 ℃, in this environment, the vast majority of bacterial growth rate will slow down. Especially in the growth of bacteria active in the summer, the food in the refrigerator if stored properly, will increase the chance of food spoilage and cross contamination. Some bacteria are psychrophilic, such as Yersinia, Listeria monocytogenes, in this temperature but can be rapid growth in breeding,dog collar, if they eat infected with such bacteria in food, can cause the dog gastro-intestinal diseases cause diarrhea.
    Refrigerator's freezer box, the temperature is about minus 18 ℃, in this temperature, most bacteria can inhibit or kill, so there is storage of food has a better role in preservation. But frozen is not equivalent to fully sterilization is still some antifreeze ability of bacteria to survive. So, from another perspective, the refrigerator if you do not regularly disinfected, has become in some bacteria "breeding ground",dog shoes, so parents should regularly to the refrigerator disinfection is necessary.
    Many parents feel that a dog diet is very single, so hands-on production of good food to the dogs,dog clothes, but the issue of food preservation, you prepare it? Rice to the dog to do the best with plastic bags or plastic wrap and sealed in the refrigerator, so that can prevent food from moisture, water loss and string taste. Before showed the dog to eat, must bring a microwave or steamer is thoroughly heated before consumption, under normal circumstances, heating more than five minutes, and can kill food pathogens basic.
    If it is saved not eating meat in the fridge, best refrigerator freezer, pocket but do not sealed, and try to finish as soon as possible. The next and then fed from the refrigerator and do not immediately eat the dog to dry for a while, not so cold and then fed the dog to eat, or oven heated to give it to eat.
    Another does not require heating to give the dog something to eat, such as sausages, the relatively high water content of the meat of things like, if you want to feed the dog ate, we must pay attention to the storage time do not over two days, and from refrigerator out, also placed at room temperature will give the dog ate. Moreover, the stomach is weak dog it is best not to eat in order to avoid dog diarrhea.
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    Cool vid bro.