MX100 factory

Discussion in 'Pics & Videos' started by Sickboi, May 3, 2012.

  1. Sickboi

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  2. dickwebb

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    That bloke Pierre is miles beyond awesome. One day... In my dreams!!

    They got some cool shit going on there.
  3. tofa

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    Dont knock yourself Dick...Your riding is going off!...Your riding that ski of yours better than anyone else ever has lol.
  4. Aquanob

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    True that, mind you the last owner was the oldest guy out there
  5. dickwebb

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    Ha ha. Cheers but not too sure about that Tofa.

    Norm, remember I'm a Veteran now too - "No. 2, Forevor"
  6. tofa

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    You had a 40th yet "old man"
  7. T Bear

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    hey tofa these guys consider 30 as a vetran old my arse
  8. Sickboi

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    Stop talking about racing ages you butt monkeys this is a freeride fourm there are no age groups here