Kiwis head to RnR7

Discussion in 'International Events' started by dickwebb, September 2, 2014.

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    There is a massive contingent of kiwis heading to Rip'n Ride this year. Should be an absolute cracker. So far, and apologies if someone has been missed (let me know and i'll update), but the list is:

    Pepe Pauly
    Steve Amende

    Think there was another one or two but can't remember. Will try and get some pics up when there for everyone's enjoyment.
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    That's awesome. Anyone staying at the cabins? What about you Rich, you coming over?
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    Yep I'm coming for sure. Wouldn't miss it. I think most are staying at Rydges. A couple are at Butches. I'm staying at the Motor Inn. Look forward to a few frothies at Northies Dave!!
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    Update from RNR7 - first day was an awesome start. Surf was a bit choppy but all the big names were out as well as our kiwi contingent.

    Big props to Butch the setup looks great and all running smoothly. Day 2 looking mint!
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    Day 2 the surf cleaned up nice in the morning. Some huge freestyle sessions with some amazing riding.

    The backflip champion of champions is Pierre 6 time world freestyle champ. (knockout comp of fastest to flip). In the final he took out local 16yo Tommy.

    NZ boys and girls showing their skills.

    A few war wounds with DW maybe breaking his toe and the shore break rolling the blaster into Bex and doing some more ligaments. On crutches and we might have trouble keeping her off a ski!

    Today the air and trick comps are going to be massive. Then watch out Northies