Karioitahi Users (and now Muriwai)

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    This could be interesting - Will find out more. It won't effect the FoF thats for sure. Worst case we will need to get a "FREE" (cause I know that is critically important to everyone) permit for our vehicles when skiing.

    Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.34.34 pm.png
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    Jay and Ovey were really impressed with the vehicle activities on the beach at FOF3 especially the dude on the trail bike wearing his safety headphones while doing wheelies up and down through the other traffic. They'll be disappointed in this :)
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    So update to the above. You now need a permit to drive on either Karioitahi or Muriwai Beaches to launch/retrieve your watercraft. But don't fret, it's not a major issue to get one. Here is the link that you go to:


    Fill out the form, read the rules, and it will generate a page that you print and sign. Chuck it in your vehicle and done. (You have to do one for each vehicle you own and also per beach I believe).

    Its FREE. Thats the important bit.