Genuine Yamaha Engines

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  1. LiquidFix

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    Mint fresh water low houred engines from Nevada,USA
    Zero Corrosion.

    Dual 38 Carbed complete 701 Engines $3000
    Dual 44 Carbed complete 760 Engines $3500
    Dual 44 Carbed complete 809 Ported/Stroked Engines for pricing

    Price includes oil pump block off plate,carbs overhauled,Primer fitted and jetted to suit application.

    Stroker Packages available for the 760's.
    Turn it into a torque monster 809.......Backflip time !!!!

    Call/Email Roger 021 148 9711
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    would a 701 bolt straight into an old square nose superjet? My 650's due for a total overhaul and not sure if it's worth it
  4. LiquidFix

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    Providing you have an aftermarket exhaust system,yes it is basically a direct replacement.(These are out of waveraiders so have the larger sitdown type exhaust on them,not suitable for a superjet)
    A couple of electrical leads will need switching over from your existing electrical box - the positive lead to the battery,and the small loom for the start/stop switch.
  5. LiquidFix

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    Engines back in stock.