friday 24th after work ride

Discussion in 'Rides On' started by inga, August 23, 2007.

  1. inga

    inga Member

    tides high at 4 il be down eastern beach,there til dark if any1 else is keen
  2. Jet FiSH

    Jet FiSH Member

    What time you gettin there?
    Might be keen :D
    Good way to end the week!
  3. inga

    inga Member


    be there at 4 man
  4. Jet FiSH

    Jet FiSH Member

    Whats ya cell no. man?

    I'll give ya a txt during the day, let ya know what im doin.

    I'm Scott btw.
  5. inga

    inga Member


    0272478556 richard
  6. polesky

    polesky New Member

    after work rides getting easier now ay. I went out yesterday from Kohi beach around 4.30 and got heaps of time in. Can't make it today though cause i don't have the car with the towbar
  7. Jet FiSH

    Jet FiSH Member

    Was really good out there today! :D
    Nice and flat, not very cold either.