FR2 evo1

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    I always wanted a rickter, People say you should ride a hull before you buy one well i didn't so i might be disappointed, but i doubt it! and i will lie to you if i am.. The quality of this hull is on par with a fp1, only flaw is its heavier than a predator. The pump has Perfect alignment NO shims, Brass inserts every where, Stainless through hull lines. I not looking forward to scratching the flawless finnish. Im grateful for the help from Roger Parker for getting it here and together.. will be at the FOF2
  2. casey

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    Looks good sickboi. Huge bond rail on it!
  3. knoxie

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    easier to stand on when he's doing hood tricks :lol:
  4. steve K-B

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    Cant wait to see it!
  5. dax

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    It's a great looking ski - you gonna custom sticker it up, or stick with what its got? Looking forward to seeing it go massive at FOF!