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    Cant fault the quality of petes hulls, I'm sure you will be happy with how thats go's together casey..
  3. DanW

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    Nice ski mate. Ive got about 125hrs on mine and still enjoy every ride better yet I havent broken it!.
    If you have any questions feel free to Pm me.
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    Sweet looking ride dude - You'll be making Mark all jealous with the colors!
  5. T Bear

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    sweet looking hull casey, Pete has the finish of these skis down to perfection, nice colours too, You'll see why soon.
  6. tofa

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    Nice!...One of the best all round hulls I have ridden. As Dan says very strong.
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  8. casey

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    thanks guys, the hull is very well made pete does a awesome job. Im looking forward to getting it on the water.
  9. dickwebb

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    They look clean on the outside, but how good is the finish in that engine bay. Very nice. Enjoy the build dude.
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  10. Starty

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    will it be on debut at akatio this weekend? ;)
  11. casey

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    Haha yeah I wish it was going to be done by then.
  12. casey

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    Donor ski getting stripped nice and clean
    20141224_163055.jpg 20141201_172751.jpg
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  13. casey

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    Waiting on parts to finish the build really. Made some nylon packers to hold the water box better. Pump fitted easy 20141224_162819.jpg 20141224_162829.jpg
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    nice work on the packers looks close now