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    Here is the build thread for my surf Jammer. I picked this up years ago and have always had plans in the back of my mind of what I want to do with it. It was completely stripped down so I have a fairly decent task ahead of me. They came with a bolt in alloy pump and drivetrain like a Raider which is not there. I am going to fit a Kwakka 650 pump and make up a custom pump duct, ride plate, grate mount and midshaft bulkhead with glass. I also need to move the engine mounts and add some reinforcement to the pole as apparently they have a habit of snapping off if you ride in the surf. Not to mention some 6x9 holes that need to be glassed up!


    Hopefully I will have time to get this going for the FOF

    Jammer Engine.jpg
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  2. Flan

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    Nice pipe
  3. dickwebb

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    Is that a TNT chamber Dazza ??
  4. Dazza

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    It sure is... genuine old school TNT ;-)
  5. tofa

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    Nice...I remember years ago Ian from Havoc Racing had one of these we used at Raglan
    They were a bunch of fun in the surf.... but I drank and smoked more back then that a 650sx handled nice lol.
  6. That is palmerston north jetski porn right there. they are a awesome fun in the surf with a 500cc engine so this should get up side down easily