Dazza's Rickter

Discussion in 'User's Rides and Builds' started by Dazza, June 26, 2012.

  1. Dazza

    Dazza Member

    As most of you already know I got a Rickter the other day. Cheers for the wicked deal Fishman!

    The engine bay is a bit drab compared with the look of the rest of the ski:

    So I got some new fuel and water line from freerideinnovations.co.uk The only question is: Blue or red ... I'm Thinking red
  2. steve K-B

    steve K-B Member

    Id go pink, then purple. Blue would be my next option
  3. blueii

    blueii Member

    Had it in the water yet Dazza? how does it ride?
  4. Dazza

    Dazza Member

    Yeah I've had it out a couple of times, but only at Orewa with no waves. Its got plenty of power thats for sure! I'm still playing around with the length of the pole and the adjustment of the footholds to make it more comfortable to ride. I'll be giving it another shake down at Orewa on Saturday, and conditions are looking good at the moment to go to Port on Sunday... so if you come along you can try it for yourself :D
  5. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    put the red ones in they will be pink before to long anway
  6. Sickboi

    Sickboi Member

    Rainbow- aye tofa..
  7. LiquidFix

    LiquidFix Member

    off course its got plenty of power !!! I built it !!
  8. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    At least you have ridden it around by yourself without knocking yourself out
  9. The General

    The General Member

    Ah Parker you surface at last.....
  10. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    It was a long swim General...Thats why its taken so long to reply lol
  11. Dazza

    Dazza Member

    Not too impressed with my coloured water lines... at least this time they didn't ruin my ride at the Port.
    Looks like it will be going back to the incognito black look 8)
  12. dickwebb

    dickwebb Active Member

    You got them rubbing on something you shouldn't??
  13. Dazza

    Dazza Member

    Nah ... riding somewhere I shouldn't. Was doing some tuning at Browns Bay and it has quite coarse sand that partially blocked the b-pipe cooling line, so most of the pressure was trying to come down the front line with a restricter in it. looks like the line blew up like a balloon and popped.
  14. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    Water pressure from the pump through the cooling lines can get up over 150 psi
  15. steve K-B

    steve K-B Member

    bull shit!?

    That sounds like way to much?
  16. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

  17. Dazza

    Dazza Member

    Ozfreeride represent!