Dan,s new move

Discussion in 'Pics & Videos' started by SOX, August 11, 2013.

  1. SOX

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  2. dickwebb

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    Thats fk'n awesome... Stepping it up for sure. Good on ya Dan. Legend.
  3. allred

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    So so sick!!
  4. Flan

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    Farken great
  5. Aquanob

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  6. Magnum P.I.

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    Dude are you freaking serious!!! u gotta name and own that shit. yeahboi!!
  7. steve K-B

    steve K-B Member

    That looks wicked dan. Good work!
  8. tofa

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    You da man...
  9. Honda118

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  10. The General

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    Two more Cody's and you would have nailed that........ Mean....
  11. Sickboi

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    love it! makes me wanna ride with the matakana crew and hang out at the karma lounge
  12. Aquanob

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    Karma is my new second home
  13. DanW

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    Ha looks a lot better on the video than I thought it would. I think thats the best one I've done so far tho.
    Pretty easy to get eaten up by the white water and a mission to get out front or at least far enough back out front to claim a mint ride away.
    Good things take time and Codys. Cearly not enough of either that day
    Maybe some of the other footage from Sunday comes out sweet aswell?
  14. freesoul

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    Good stuff Dan...you gotta make it work!! That would be an awesome trick!