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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by T Bear, October 20, 2009.

  1. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    how do we lay our hands on dalusion stickers if not avaiable will it be ok to copy does anyone have on pdf to give straight to sign writer
  2. dan

    dan Member

    im keen on one for the superjet
  3. richardn

    richardn Member

    Im keen to get some as well....

    Can you let me know if you get a PDF off someone...

    but Im pretty sure dalusion use attractsigns and you just go there and they have the dalusion images on file...

  4. JetPilot

    JetPilot Member

    I'm keen too...
  5. knoxie

    knoxie Active Member

    Yeah attract signs will be able to sort you out with whatever size/colour you specify.....they have a few of the different styles on file.
  6. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

    thanks guys was lookin at getting some like on the home page will get a few done
  7. Rickster

    Rickster Member

    Does attract signs have a website?
  8. JetPilot

    JetPilot Member

    read a little closer a few posts up :lol:
  9. would also be keen for a pdf so i can get them done at my local signwriter...
  10. B0000M

    B0000M Member

    me too
  11. SOX

    SOX Active Member

    We are making up sticker kits soon and will do pre sales like the hoodies and tees. The kit will consist of 2 dalusion stickers for under the waterline like on knoxies square nose that he just sold and a pole sticker and a pair for the top deck and one windscreen sticker for your car. Ill put the prices up soon we are having attract make them up and post to you direct.
  12. MSBOND

    MSBOND New Member

    Hey Everyone,

    Once measurements and prices are sorted you can contact myself (Attract Signs) for decal kits.

    If you would like a kit please email or phone us on:

    09 272 4416
    021 458 121

    We will send you an invoice with bank details so you can prepay.
    Kits will be sent out the day following payment.

    If you would like to pick up instead of pay postage this is fine.


    Shelley & Craig

    Attract Signs
  13. richardn

    richardn Member

    Keen for one of these kits! Will it be the same font as on knoxies sqaurenose or different?
  14. SOX

    SOX Active Member

    exactly the same for the under waterling stickers. We have still to finalise the rest of the kit then attract will price it and everyone can deal with them direct just trying to keep it as simple as possible.
  15. MSBOND

    MSBOND New Member


    Hey guys, we have decided to separate up the kits into individual decals as some people may not want all of them and/or not want to pay for all of them.

    You can choose any colour (light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, light grey, dark grey, white and black) for these prices. Though if you want Metallic it will be extra.

    Prices are as follows:


    Dalusion Hull Website - 1100mm x 100mm - $30 PAIR - $20 SINGLE


    Dalusion Pole Sides - 440mm x 40mm - $15 PAIR - $10 SINGLE


    Dalusion Pole Top - 120mm x 25mm - $4 SINGLE


    Dalusion Side of Ski (Twin colour) - 400mm x 100mm - $30 PAIR - $20 SINGLE


    Dalusion Car Windscreen - 550mm x 87mm - $10 SINGLE

    To make an order, please email attract.signs@gmail.com
    Supply your name, address, quantities and colour of stickers wanted.

    You can either pick up or we can courier them to you in a tube.

    $5.50 Auckland and Northland regions
    $7.50 Rest of the North Island
    $12.50 South Island (I must re-check this, it may be cheaper now)