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    CHENZO Member

    Well this is my GP1300R
    Its got RIVA bits for Africa, handles like its on rails and jump? Well Ill post some more pics of that soon!

    I also have a Super Jet which is about to become a Super Freestyle Machine, but more on that later!
  2. Rick XP

    Rick XP Member

    Looks mint as mate. Whats top speed on this thing?

    CHENZO Member

    Its around 70 mile an hour with the sponsons up, bout 68 with them down.
    Not quite as quick as an RXP but I can make them nervous!! haha
    Kick arse in the surf! Iv not been on one that jumps better, my mate has a 15F and my brother in law an RXP and the GPR goes way better over waves.
  4. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    mate if i had a spare 15k id be all over this for the misses.they look like great skis for racing and play riding. how did you do in the 1oo mile races?

    CHENZO Member

    They are awesome skis actually, better than I thought they would be.
    I got second over all, my mate beat me on his 15F. the kawasaki hulls go better through the rough water at speed, Yamaha likes to get air, hence its jumping ability.
    Way faster than the 15F on flat water but we didnt get any flat water the whole season! lol

    I only want to sell it to get a wake boat so its not really a drama to me whether it sells or not. If ya want it its yours! haha