Buller river ride 7-5-2012

Discussion in 'Pics & Videos' started by superjetx, May 8, 2012.

  1. superjetx

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  2. Sickboi

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    nice river! it appears jase like's his red bull as much as timmy does haha
  3. Aquanob

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  4. knoxie

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    thats some nice crisp footage!, what camera you using?
  5. superjetx

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    Helmet cams are GoPro HERO2, the hand helds are a Sony HDR-SR5 (about 3 years old) and the last shot is on a Fujifilm X-S1 (pretty much a digital SLR with full HD video)
  6. ScottyRocker

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    How often you doing this buller run, could be keen to make the trip over next time
  7. superjetx

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    Definitely doing it again this summer, will go all the way to the Iron bridge. You would be more than welcome
  8. ScottyRocker

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    sweet give us a yell when your next gonna go