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    Hi all,

    Over the next few months ill be building up a yamaha blaster 1 from a bare hull.

    Ive got a donor waveblaster2 which ill be using the engine out of (along with a few other parts).

    This is all pretty new to me, but ill be posting photos etc along the way which hopefully will help someone else in the same boat.

    To date i have stripped the hull and removed the pump shoe, all bolts, rivets etc, removed the hood (which i have broken down into its two seperate parts) and sanded everything back.

    Next, ill be working on the inside, reinforcing the bond line and putting extra glass over the engine mount plate, then prepping and priming for a few coats of paint to make the bay look mint!

    Any questions or hints/tips get in touch!
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    Its been a while, but have been chipping away slowly. Over the weekend i pulled my engine apart to be checked/replace the crank and pistons.

    I cleaned all the parts in my ultrasonic cleaner, engines gona look mint and tidy.

    Also purchased and assembled the carbie and intake manifold... Have chosen to go with a single carb so am using a riva intake manifold and a 46mm mikuni buckshot.

    Am awaiting a big order of parts from Dave at 701 industries... Hes been a huge help and am going to basically end up with one of everything he makes haha.

    Will post a few pics in a sec
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