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    With freeriders today pushing themselves and their Blasters to beyond limits ever seen before, its even more important now to do what we can to try and stop parts from stressing out. The key areas of stress in the cowl is the hinge. Even replacing the OEM hinge with a 701H-D hinge goes a long way, but the fact is ,the cowl is only supported at the front and at the rear. The stresses put on the hinge from freeriding and more so now with the taller steering systems will cause even the strongest hinge to wear from cowl sideways movement. You only need a few mm of movement at the latch end and this equates to a lot more at the hinge end. The Cowl Locks stop this sideways movement and makes your cowl a lot firmer and protects your hinge. The Cowl Lock plates have a elongated hole to allow the hood to open, but zero tolerance on the sides. The SS Cowl Locks and locating pins are super easy to fit .
    Ever since World #1 Blaster Jay brought this idea back from overseas and gave me the heads up on it, it has been in the works. Now it has been fine tuned and available ON-Line for $39.99 . I think these Cowl Locks are a must in moving forward. As with all 701 products, comes complete with all SS mounting hardware. cowl locks..jpg

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