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    The best steering system in the World for the B1 has now been developed for the B2.
    B2 owners now can upgrade there OEM sloppy system or their old school A/M system for the purpose built surf riding Suspension steering .QS-S. This fully adjustable steering allows you to dial in different speed settings in a matter of minutes. Being built taller than other systems, allows you to get a more vertical stance instead of being hunched over. This in turn gives you greater control in surf freeride .
    As with the B1 QS-S, it is made to fit the Mega Fat bars or can be supplied with adapters to fit motorcross fat bars. Old School Mini bike bars are not a option on these steering systems.
    Now available in the Worlds only dedicated Blaster On-Line Store. http://701industries.com/index.php/store B2 QS-S 180.jpg

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