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    New from 701 is the worlds first steering nozzle that has been purposely built for todays Freerider. Most skis built for the surf end up with a D-Cut ride plate. While this is the way to go , it also has a set back in leaving your nozzle more exposed . With the skis being shorter and more powerful, this now has allowed tricks to be pulled off in the shore breaks, but with that comes shallow water. The OEM and alloy A/M nozzles don't like hitting the bottom and usually come off second best. Pointless running out and getting another one, same thing will happen . Now you can buy a Surf nozzle that has addressed all the issues. Has a opening of 91mm, the steering arm has been shorten for quick steer, and best of all, this 701IND nozzle is perfect for bottom bashing. Its made from a formulated Duro, that on impact, will flex so not to damage any other part of the pump or trim parts, but is so strong it can be belted repeatedly with a sledge hammer and still be ready to use. No other nozzle produced can match these features. Plus, you have the choice of 9 colours. RED< BLACK< BLUE< LIME GREEN>HOT PINK<DARK GREEN<ORANGE<YELLOW>GREY talk about Bling. Duro Surf Nozzle.jpg
  2. How much to nz ?
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    Ha Mate, the nozzles cost $89.00 AUD I also now have in stock the 08+ trim nozzle. Freight is $10.55.