06 freeride build up

Discussion in 'User's Rides and Builds' started by Sickboi, December 21, 2010.

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    Its ok Its ok Its ok Its ok
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    With the fof2 coming up quick and the amount of damage ive done to friends skis in Australia, it was time to rebuild the old girl as a spare for the event and if any of you muppets that come to auckland and want to ride. Thanks to knoxie for the help putting it back together

    Crate Motor By OPW
    Ported 701 tuned and turn key
    Jetnetics light flywheel
    Blowsion high comp head
    Reed spacer, Carbon reeds etc..
    11/17+ stainless solas wear ring + stubbie cone

    When i build stuff i like to do it right and use yamaha oem factory clips,filters, plugs,straps,bungs, all the small shit thats completes a ski to 100% im not into the kiwi do it your self orewa back yard welded up fuel tank lid mount bolt.. So i let you in on my lil secret.......I buy all this stuff and more of Roger Parker he has bins full of fucking brand new used second hand everything at affordable prices here in NZ

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And off to the sticker shop we go....
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    Haters gonna hate
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    Nice work sickboi. Haters can eat dick!
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    Looks pretty boring in there to me Mark.. At least we are a little bit different and don't have peanuts as a brain. You wonder why I don't want to ride with you, maybe it's because you're a dickhead. You need to get a life and stop making it hard for the rest of us to enjoy our sport
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    You gotta wear that gimp mask in one of your runs at the FOF2
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    And have her on the beach dressed exactly like that.