Hey when's the annual Tofa Raglan trip?

Discussion in 'Rides On' started by The General, April 11, 2015.

  1. Sickboi

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    The format of those private events works well… Why change it now T Bear?
  2. dickwebb

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  3. Dazza

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    Count me in Tofa, and I will be staying where the action is!

    See if you can give a little of the credit for organising it to Flan so we can coax another epic speech out of him ;)
  4. T Bear

    T Bear Active Member

  5. There will be most likely 4 of us from the pnc heading up

    We might need accomidation this time
  6. Aquanob

    Aquanob Active Member

    Your mate
  7. The General

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    Yeah , may give the salt and vinegar a miss this time. I think I may have left a small deposit of that on the driveway on the way out. Chicken chips and coffee went quite well together funny enough.
  8. itsbusinesstime

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    2 months to get the ski together... sounds do-able
  9. Magnum P.I.

    Magnum P.I. Active Member

    Cheers for the venue change, That'll work good for me. getting some nice windless winter days at the island lately. Mount campground sounds like a plan, will check with them. Blenderz onnnn...
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  10. Flan

    Flan Well-Known Member

    Thats right Todd. Its all just for you. We will look after you bro....
  11. Magnum P.I.

    Magnum P.I. Active Member

    Cheers flan. Not sure if I like the sound of that or not...
  12. Flan

    Flan Well-Known Member

    Just taking the piss bro
  13. Magnum P.I.

    Magnum P.I. Active Member

    thought as much
  14. Magnum P.I.

    Magnum P.I. Active Member

    Ok so heres the skinny for an accommodation option for the Tofas "not" raglan ride
    The Mount Beachside holiday park at the base of the mount by the pilot bay boat ramp
    has eleven 4berth caravans available
    for the weekend of the 8th of august. The cost of these is $60 per caravan for 2 people and $21.50 per extra person.
    BYO utensils, blenders and bedding. Each caravan has parking beside for cars and trailers.
    The site numbers are 55, 56A, 56B, 58,59,60,61,63,64 these 9 sites are all in a group, 2 others a bit further away are 5 and 15. The guy I spoke to said to mention that youre part of the "jet ski get together" when you book.
    Phone 0800 6823224 or 07 5754471 www.mountbeachside.co.nz
    Oh yeah and if any one wants something a little more "gourmet" theres a hirise right across the road for 10 times the price.
  15. blueii

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    I'm keen. So is the small one. Dibs on first ride.
  16. The General

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    Hey guys just to let you know the campground only has one caravan left so if you havent booked then you need to.

    Hey TOFA , looks like the rugby is a late kickoff ( around 10pm ) so should we start the ride at around 12ish at the boat ramp to ensure we make it past the first half of the rugby?
  17. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    10-30 at the ramp for cocktails and briefing as per normal...Its not like we leave on time lol
    Do as i do Paul...Just pace yourself by leading from the front lol
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  18. dickwebb

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    Oh yeah... looks like surf is on the way for the weekend. It'll make the codys on the island taste so much better!!

  19. tofa

    tofa Well-Known Member

    ummmm cody,s
  20. Flan

    Flan Well-Known Member

    Tofa, Are we riding Sunday? Just want to know for gas