FoF7 - Entries online 01.Dec.18

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    Get ready to get entered for New Zealand’s premiere Freeride event - the 2019 Yamaha NZ Festival of Freeride is coming!!!

    The entry form is going online at the FoF website - - on the 1st of December. Make sure you get entered and early.

    This year you will be required to select your T-Shirt size that you’ll receive with your entry pack. This selection can be made on the online form.

    The cutoff dates for entry this year are as follows:

    Entry Cut-off - Friday 11th January 2019

    Payment Cut-off - Friday 18th January 2019

    There are always a couple that claim ignorance to cut-off dates and want to enter late. So, this year and onwards, any late entry will incur a late payment. These are as follows (and in addition to the standard entry fee):

    +$20 PRIOR TO 31/01/19
    +$100 ON THE DAY

    Please note - the entry fee is completely refundable if you don’t make it to the event for whatever reason. So you’re best to enter, pay, and then get a prompt refund if you don’t make it.
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    Get your entry in if you haven't already. Entries close this Friday (11th of January 2019). Late fees apply for entries after this date.

    Head to the link above for the entry form.
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    FRIDAY 11.01.19 - if you haven't entered make sure you do it today!!!
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    Lets paaaaarty.. If anyone is looking for some cheap accomodation I can help.. I got a crew of about 10 so far who are camping at dick weep's. He's to busy to deal with you muppets so its been left to Santo & me to organise. We have a shower block + toilets, bbq's and some flat lawn for tents. it only going to cost you a clean $50 for the 3 nights and that goes towards the land owners pet food bill. Stormin will be there so remove your Yuasa at night. - 0210717008