NEW Christchurch Dalusion Vid

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ScottyRocker, April 14, 2010.

  1. ScottyRocker

    ScottyRocker Member

    Finaly got our A into G and made a vid, mostly flatwater unfortunatly, more surf to come tho.Compilation of the last few rides. Sumner Bar, Lake Opuha, Lake Brunner and Lake Hood
  2. Redtro

    Redtro Member

    well done bro... know the work that goes into getting and assembling footage
  3. korned

    korned Member

    whose the knob end giving the camera attitude at the end :lol:
  4. Good to see you guys posting videos - where were you riding?

    Thought that might have been your band Korned :)
  5. korned

    korned Member

    theres a mix of locations in the vid... sumner beach.. then a few lakes around the south island lol....

    yep thats us (well the first song is) what ya think??
  6. Whale

    Whale Member

    Sick!! great to see some flatwater freestyle. some of those locations look awsome places to ride! well done :lol:
  7. knoxie

    knoxie Active Member

    sweet vid! those fountains are cool! :D
  8. Bake

    Bake Member

    that was awesome boys!! love the quality!! i need some fucking footholds!!!
  9. ScottyRocker

    ScottyRocker Member

    thats mr tennis elbow
  10. Flan

    Flan Well-Known Member

    Great Vid. Those lakes look bloody cold.
  11. korned

    korned Member

    same as the sea down here ranging 8 to 16 degrees winter to summer :lol: bred tough down here lol
  12. blueii

    blueii Member

    Great vid guys - that camera angle looks wicked. Great to see the Christchurch boys on film!

    Sweet song from your band Korned.

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