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Do you prefer the Light or Dark Theme?

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  1. DalusionFWX

    DalusionFWX Administrator Staff Member

    As part of the upgrade you can now select how you would like DalusionFWX to look when you sign in. You cannot choose your look when not signed in. It will be the default setting (currently the "Light" theme).

    For those of you that would like to change it and don't know how, simply follow these instructions.

    Once logged in click hover your mouse cursor over your username at the top right (next to Inbox) -> Select "Preferences" from the left column of items. A new page will load and at the top of the content section is a drop down box. You can select either the Default:Flexile light theme or the Flexile Dark theme. Try the other one out if you already haven't. We will be making a couple of minor mods to both themes to make the site a little more unique.

    Also, vote abovewhich theme you like the most and we will make it the default look for visitors to the site.
  2. player1

    player1 New Member

    I think your theme should be light as it's easier to read text, but the header, nothing beats the power of the ALL BLACKS look.


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